I always tell parents that when you’re thinking about housework, you should look at your child’s daily schedule, hour by hour, and REALISTICALLY assess how much time your nanny will have for extra tasks. If you have a baby who naps twice a day for several hours, there is certainly time in the nanny’s schedule to do light cleaning and tidying up. Even if you have an active toddler who takes a good nap in the afternoon, there should still be time to do a few select household chores. However, if you have multiple children of different ages, or a child who only naps for 45 minutes at a time, you need to realize that the nanny will be on her toes all day long and most likely won’t have time to multi-task. You should never expect your nanny to do anything that you would be unable to do, and you never want her to get to the point where she’s thinking, “I really want to read to the baby, but I need to please the parents, and I still have to mop the kitchen and run the vacuum…”