Yes. But there are certain restrictions:

  1. Parents are allowed to install and use hidden cameras in their home and may record a nanny even without her consent. Still, as I have mentioned in other FAQs and blog posts, this can create an uncomfortable situation if parents do not tell the nanny she’s being recorded. Legally parents are allowed to use nanny cameras. When our nanny candidates go for interviews and trials, we tell them to expect that they will be filmed at all times, even if the family does not explicitly say this.say they are. Some families may include a release to be filmed as a condition for employment.
  2. While they are legal, nanny cameras come with restrictions. Nanny cameras cannot be installed in bathrooms used by the nanny or in the private bedroom if the nanny is a live-in nanny. Typically, nanny cameras are most often installed in the common areas and bedrooms of the home where the children spend most of their time.
  3. Nanny cameras can only be used to make sure that a child is being cared for appropriately and not for the purpose of voyeurism or commercial enterprise.