There are a variety of elements that factor into hiring a nanny, and location is certainly one of them. In addition to varying market rates, another key thing to be aware of when hiring a nanny is how your location will affect the parameters of the job. Just as there are major lifestyle differences between the city and the suburbs, urban and suburban nannies often have a different mix of responsibilities. Being a nanny in the suburbs requires a greater degree of proactivity and independence. Let’s take a look at the differences between urban and suburban nannies, and at how your location can determine your nanny’s role.


Being a nanny in the city, or a highly walkable urban area, is in many ways an easier job because it requires less complex navigation. A city nanny may simply come to the family’s apartment, feed and dress the child, and then walk the stroller three blocks to the playground where the child can automatically socialize with other children. She may run some local errands, but will primarily be opening the door for dry cleaning and grocery deliveries. If the family lives in an apartment, there is usually a superintendent to call if there’s a problem If there are other children in the building, the nanny has a ready supply of built-in playdates. The Urban Nanny also has an abundance of options for fun right at her fingertips, so creativity is never in want. Living in the city means logistics are simple and activities are usually in close proximity to each other, so it is easy for nannies to entertain the children and follow the prescribed order of the day.


In the suburbs, where the parameters are much looser, nannies need to exercise a different kind of savviness. If they are driving, suburban nannies will need to be comfortable navigating a potentially unfamiliar town and its surrounding areas. They may also need to drive children to school/activities, and pick up supplies and groceries on their own. There may or may not be kids in the immediate neighborhood, so nannies will need to be comfortable approaching other moms and nannies to set up playdates. They will also need to be creative enough to come up with things to do if they’re stuck inside on a rainy day.. If both parents work full-time, the nanny will need to manage the household, especially in emergent situations. Strong language skills and street smarts are necessities.In general, suburban nannies need to be equipped to handle a wide range of everyday duties and concerns.