No. You will never be able to find someone who cares for your child perfectly from Day One, no matter how much experience they have. Even if someone has been a nanny for thirty years, they have never been a nanny in your home before. Every set of parents and every child is different, so training is a must with any nanny you hire. Unless you give specific, thorough directions about how you want things done, the nanny will come in and do things her way. This may or may not work for you and your child. Even if you are looking for someone to run the show (and many full-time working parents are) you still need to provide the nanny with a detailed overview of your children, your household, your preferences, and your rules.

More than half of the problems that arise between nannies and parents occur because the parents fail to give the nanny proper guidance and instruction. Fortunately, this also means that many nanny issues can be remedied simply through adequate training. Don’t worry; it’s never too late.