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Finding the right caregiver can be one of the most life-changing decisions a parent makes. Whether it’s a kindly neighbor for the weekday latchkey hours, a teenage babysitter one night a week, or a full-time professional nanny, the right caregiver can enrich a child’s world and literally grow her brain. Hire the wrong one, and this person could cause developmental delays and stress for the entire family.

I’ve created a free e-Book called A Guide to Nanny and Childcare Options that outlines the pros and cons of each of the major childcare options – hiring a nanny, hiring an au pair, using daycare, and even using babysitters.  The e-Book has excerpts from my best-selling Secrets of the Nanny Whisperer: A Practical Guide for Finding and Achieving the Gold Standard of Care for Your Child (Perigee), which draws from my background in child developmental psychology, social work, and family therapy to offer the first childcare bible for parents.

Knowing the impact caregivers have on children coupled with the unregulated often unknown world of in-home childcare workers, I have devoted my professional career, and my book, to helping parents navigate through this important–and woefully overlooked–process. I arm parents with invaluable tools, tips, and insider secrets to finding the perfect caregiver-family match.

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