Choose How to Work with Us

We realize that everyone is on their own individualized schedule, so we make it easy to work with us by offering three different options. Take a look and choose what's best for you!

15 Minute Intro Session

15 Minute Intro Session

Not yet sure what you need? Schedule a free 15-minute call with Tammy to discuss your needs and learn about. whether our services are the right fit for you.

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I’m Ready to Get Started

I’m Ready to Get Started

Book an hour of Tammy's time to kick off your search. During this session, Tammy will help determine precisely what you need, craft a customized nanny job description, and kick-off your search to find the perfect nanny.

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One to One Coaching

One to One Coaching

Need help interviewing a nanny? Not sure how to reference-check your candidates? Tammy canhelp coach you through any and all steps of your process

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The Gold Standard Nanny Placement Process

Our model is akin to that of a consulting firm where our founder, parenting expert Tammy Gold, creates specialized
recruiting plans for your family.

Step 1

Family Needs Assessment Call

Every placement begins with an in-depth phone call with Tammy herself. In those 60-90 minutes, Tammy will learn as much as possible about your family’s dynamics, your children’s needs, and your goals for a nanny. This $475 informational discussion will be credited towards the total balance due upon signing for our services.

Assessment Call
Step 2

Contract & Deposit

Once both parties sign the contract, The Gold Standard Nanny Selection Process can commence.

Contract & Deposit
Step 3

Final Placement and Fees

For our full-time searches, there are three different fee structures to correspond with our various ‘nanny replacement guarantees’:

  • A 60-day replacement guarantee carries a one-time placement fee equivalent to 15.5% of the chosen nanny’s gross annual salary.
  • A 180-day replacement guarantee carries a one-time placement fee equivalent to 18.5% of the chosen nanny’s gross annual salary.
  • A 360-day replacement guarantee carries a one-time placement fee equivalent to 20% of the chosen nanny’s gross annual salary.

If you have questions about our part-time fees or short-term placements, please contact us at

Final Placement

Since Tammy is involved in each search, we are limited in how many searches we can take on at a time. After your intro call with Tammy, we can hold your spot for two weeks while you review our contract and make your decision.

FAQs Related to Nanny Fees

Based upon our extensive market research, the average salaries of the nannies we place in the NYC region begins at $20 per hour for one child, $22 per hour for two children, and $25 per hour for three children. These numbers are the starting salaries for the high-caliber nannies with whom we work and go up based upon the nanny's experience and the specific requirements and duties of your job. College-educated nanny salaries are often at the high-end of this range or can even go higher depending on experience. Also, these numbers are the "net," or "take-home" number to the nannies. Consult your tax professional or payroll service to calculate the "gross" or "pre-tax" number specific to your situation. For more information about market dynamics in the nearby area, you can view the 2017 Park Slope Parents Nanny Pay Survey here - please note that Manhattan prices are a few dollars/hour higher than Brooklyn and our nannies tend to fall towards the upper end of the range given their experience and verifiable references:
We understand that hiring us to find you a Gold Standard Nanny is an investment. Our fee structure has evolved over the years to best accommodate th needs of our clients. In order to alleviate parents’ potential stressors, we conducted extensive research on various fee structures to determine the optimal payment structure. While we understand that each parent and family is different, this fee structure has proven to offer the most advantageous solution for the widest range of families we service in the NYC market.
This is a valid question, which is why we feel the need to address it. The fear of us benefiting from a nanny’s salary becoming astronomically high is a real one; however, our reputation has been formed from our time spent doing what's best for our clients. We have not, and will not, compromise our integrity or our reputation to squeeze out a few extra dollars from a nanny’s marginally higher salary. Furthermore, while we counsel families on the suggested salary to offer a chosen candidate, it is ultimately up to the family to determine their nanny’s salary.