Our Gold Standard Process For A Nanny Placement in NYC

Family Needs Assessment (FNA)

Family Needs Assessment (FNA)

Our Family Needs Assessment exceeds the Industry standard and is based on the practice and principles of family therapy assessment. Unlike most agencies we don't assess nanny job descriptions based on the hours and days of coverage. We do an in depth and holistic assessment of each family and child's need to identify the unique job description, duties, responsibilities and emotional requirements for each specific nanny search.

Proactive Recruitment Vs Database Search

Proactive Recruitment vs Database Search

Rather than just pulling from a database like most staffing firms, we are proactive recruiters who seek out the ideal Nanny based on your specifications. Our relationships with universities, graduate schools, industry associations and our nanny network throughout the New York Tri-State area allow us to keep searching until we're satisfied.

3 Stage Nanny Interview Process

3 Stage Nanny Interview Process

Tammy Gold’s proprietary screening system is incredibly thorough. Our nanny candidates are screened with an initial interview call, followed by a live video conference interview and then an in person, one-on-one, in depth interview. This ensures our candidates are the best and the brightest and can meet the requirements needed to be a Gold Standard Nanny.

Deeper Reference And Safety Checks

Deeper Reference and Safety Checks

References are one of the danger zones since anyone can email a few questions or answer a simple “yes/no” when asked about a candidate. Instead of simply emailing past employers, Tammy’s team performs incredibly thorough reference checks. Our team acts like investigative reporters, verifying their sources via databases and social media, and asking hard-hitting questions using assessment techniques. As a final precaution to ensure legitimacy and accuracy,the call is taped and transcribed.

Expert Psycho Social Candidate Assessment

Expert Psycho-Social Candidate Assessment

Tammy Gold, LCSW, MSW, CEC is a licensed and trained therapist and leverages a deep understanding in emotional and psychological behavior in the candidate selection process. Final candidates undergo an interview process that includes as assessment of the candidate's mental and emotional disposition. Understanding each nanny's psycho-social disposition can make the difference between a great fit with the family or a mismatch. We are the only nanny search agency that includes this depth of emotional and behavioral assessment.

Background Checks And Drug Tests

Background Checks and Drug Tests

We treat childcare like any professional career and conduct national, criminal, and sex offender background checks. However, our process goes a few steps further, verifying education credentials, motor vehicle checks, and social media sweeps.

Detailed Candidate Profiles

Detailed Candidate Profiles

Our families are emailed the most complete profile presentation possible for each candidates, including video clips of each candidate being interviewed. Families can see as many candidate profiles until they are comfortable. After reviewing these profiles the family will speak to our team and discuss who they would like us to schedule for an interview.

Facilitated Family - Nanny Interviews

Facilitated Family-Nanny Interviews

After reviewing their profiles, the families will meet the candidates in person. Each family receives a call from the agency prior to the interview and is given a bespoke interview guide for each candidate. These interview guides help both nanny and family to get a better sense of degree of fit. We then conduct a Post Interview Assessment where we work together to flesh out the nanny candidate's pros and cons.

Nanny Trials

Nanny Trials

These paid, in-home trial visits are mandatory for families making offers to one of our candidates. Rather than rushing the process, we want to assure the nanny can do the job. We educate and guide both the candidate and the family by providing outlines and schedules to assure safety, communication and good fit.

Negotiating The Salary/Offer On Behalf Of Clients

Negotiating the Salary/Offer on behalf of clients

Determining salary and negotiating the offer is often the most difficult and emotional part of the process; we take this stress off the family. Even the most sophisticated negotiators find it difficult to navigate in such personal terrain. We remove the emotional burden and do it for you; all you need to do is focus on ‘finding the right fit' for your family and children. We then write up and present both parties with a working job agreement.

Nanny Onboarding And Coaching

Nanny Onboarding and Coaching

Once your nanny is hired, we ensure the highest level of success by giving the family a printed training manual. This manual was created to cover every single child care scenario a nanny could fact. This highly important packet teaches the nanny how to care for your children, (medical issues, behavioral techniques) handle their schedules, (daily, weekly, monthly) learn their meal planning, (dinner times, snack, allergies) and outlines all of your rules and needs in one central location. Being a nanny is one of the hardest jobs on earth and this training manual with give your nanny the tools to do her very best.