*My daughter received complimentary Invisalign® treatment, but all opinions are my own.

Invisalign® clear aligners are truly a magical gift for teens. The physical transformation that Invisalign treatment can bring to a teen’s life and smile is profound. Sadly, some parents do not even know this is an option for their teens. A mouth full of metal wires and unsightly brackets has become a standard teenage rite of passage. Teens take a direct hit to their ego and self-esteem as they walk around concerned that they look strange, feel different and sometimes do not even want to open their mouth and smile. At a time when they need the most confidence, metal braces can force them to have the least.

Traditional braces with the wires, hooks and brackets, are so cumbersome and can be distracting for teens. Countless teens worry “my face looks so different,” “I feel nervous I will hit the metal against my teeth during sports,” “I run out of lunch fearing food is stuck in my braces because it has happened so many times in the past.” Some teens with more complex cases may be facing these concerns for many years. Their self-esteem plummets over an extended period of time in which they do not look or feel like themselves.

Invisalign treatment is something parents can choose for their teens’ orthodontic needs to potentially alleviate some of the emotional and physical stress teens face when correcting their smile. Since they are nearly invisible, teens can fix their teeth while still looking the same. There is no reveal that might occur when going to school or arriving at events where another teen might proclaim, “wow you got braces!” Invisalign clear aligners is a subtle change helping teens feel more secure in how they present socially.

Since Invisalign clear aligners are removable, teens can be certain that their oral hygiene does not suffer. Parents I’ve spoken with have expressed frustration with traditional braces, voicing that it was difficult to know if their teens were brushing as much as needed, but with Invisalign treatment, teens can remove the aligners to brush and floss well and then put them back in.

My own daughter had a dramatic physical and emotional transformation when she switched from metal braces to Invisalign clear aligners.

When originally fitted for braces, my daughter had a rapid decline in oral health. She was getting cavities in odd locations, and this was directly due to food that was getting stuck in her wires and brackets. In addition, due to the trapped food, she had bleeding and very inflamed gums, and the orthodontist warned us that she was heading toward more cavities and possible gum disease.

Another dental issue my daughter had due to metal braces was bracket staining. Like me, many parents had no idea something like bracket staining could occur from braces. We only discovered this when we removed her braces and noticed a white mark where each bracket had been located.

Due to the decrease in our teen’s oral health, Invisalign clear aligners were a necessity rather than a luxury. Once these oral hygiene issues were presented to us, Invisalign treatment was our only choice since it is the most technically advanced clear aligner system in the world, and removable. I wanted something for my teen I knew was proven to fix teen smiles. Even better was to learn that treatment is now up to 2 times faster with weekly aligner changes. My daughter feels hopeful and so invested in her treatment as she sees the weekly changes and is motivated to keep going.

The transformation has been incredible. Not only does she look and feel her best, excited to smile any chance she can, but she got a clean bill of health at her last orthodontist visit. Invisalign clear aligners have vastly improved her life and self-esteem. Removing her metal braces and putting her into Invisalign treatment allowed her to feel her very best during these difficult teenage years.