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Are you an Upper West Side family searching for a nanny?  Have you tried other agencies, but been disappointed by the quality of candidates or the impersonal service you’ve received?  Whatever your family dynamics – whether you need a live-in or a live-out, a governess or a mother’s helper – our agency can match you with candidates that are truly a match for the specific needs of your family.  We are the only agency in New York run by a licensed psychotherapist who is also the author of the best-selling book, Secrets of the Nanny Whisperer, and a regular contributor to the Today Show and Good Morning America.

Our highly unique approach is based on our proprietary 9-step “Gold Standard Hiring Process” created by our founder – Tammy Gold.  Our singular mission is to create lasting matches that allow your children to thrive and we have been helping families on the Upper West Side find their ideal nannies since 2007.

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Why Use Our Agency To Find Your Perfect Nanny On The Upper West Side?

Whether you are new parents, a parent with toddlers, or the parents of school-aged children and teenagers, you want a nanny that will be a perfect fit with not just your children but your entire family.  Our unique process is based on something called “Attachment Theory” (a prominent psychological model that describes the dynamics of long and short-term interpersonal relationships) and our singular purpose is to make lasting nanny/family matches that allow your children to thrive.  Since 2007, we have been helping families on the Upper West Side do exactly that and have achieved a 97% placement success ratio.

Finding the right nanny to care for your children is a daunting and time-consuming process and that if done right, can allow your children to thrive while you gain the peace of mind knowing they’re well cared-for while you work, play, and go about your adult life.  However, we’ve all seen the occasional nanny absent-mindedly pushing her charge’s stroller through Central Park while talking on the phone to her friends.  The families that employ these types of nannies have unfortunately ended up with a sub-optimal match and their children can suffer from something we call “benign neglect,” causing developmental delays and emotional problems.  Sadly, this type of “mismatch” is so popular that websites and social media groups have been set-up to help alert parents to their nannies’ poor behavior.

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Since 2007, we have been helping families on the Upper West Side find their ideal nanny. Our founder, Tammy Gold, has been featured as a parenting and childcare expert on Good Morning America, Fox News, CBS News, and more. She is also the author of the best-selling book, Secrets of the Nanny Whisperer – A Practical Guide for Finding and Achieving the Gold Standard of Care for your Child.


Here Are Some Kid-Friendly Spots On The Upper West Side Recommended By Our Nannies

“I love taking the boys to Riverside Park. It has the Little Engine Playground and the Dinosaur Playground and it’s so nice to be outside with them there.”

– Olga

“Now that the girls are getting older they like to go to the American Museum Of Natural History. When they were younger, they did not have as much patience, but now they love to see the dinosaur or even go there to eat at the café.”

– Tsering

“I have been a nanny on the Upper West Side for 10 years and Elliotts is the best because they have classes for the little babies and all the way up to the older kids. The teachers are really nice, too.”

– Shanice

“I am a nanny on the Upper West Side and for any kid who likes baseball, you need to go to The Baseball Center. It has tons out after school stuff for beginners or advanced kids.”

– Jasper

What Sets Tammy's Agency Apart

The right nanny can radically affect a child's emotional and intellectual development. When choosing a company to help you find one, nothing is more important than having the best tools to assure your child's safety. Though there are many nanny agencies in NYC, there is only one run by Tammy Gold.

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Parenting Expert

Tammy appears regularly on Good Morning America, The Today Show, FOX, and CBS News. She has appeared in more than 100 magazines.

Unique Psycho- Therapeutic Approach

Unique Psycho- Therapeutic Approach

The first therapist to marry psychotherapy with childcare so parents can better understand what their children specifically need from their nanny.


We Were Schooled
For The Role

Tammy earned her Masters degree in Social Work from Columbia University and her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Best Selling Author

Best selling

We literally "wrote the book" on finding nannies. We do not focus on other domestic help, for over ten years we have studied and perfected the process of matching families with nannies.


Nanny Safety

Using Tammy's psychotherapy techniques we have the most rigorous safety checks in the industry. From mental status exams to identity verifications for candidates, safety is our main concern.

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