Nanny AgencyWe Don’t Just Help Find A Nanny in NYC, We Create Gold Standard Nannies

Tammy Gold MSW, LSW, CEC and her team of “Nannyologists” have successfully been matching families with nannies for over a decade. They are the only agency to use Gold’s patented “11-Step Gold Standard Hiring Process,” the formula outlined within Gold’s Secrets of the Nanny Whisperer- How to Find and Achieve the Gold Standard of Care for Your Child. Initial family interviews, transcribed reference checks, and a psychotherapy-based approach don’t even begin to scratch the surface of what differentiates this group from their peers.

A Gold Standard Nanny is well-trained and meticulously matched with the appropriate family based on the nanny’s ability to handle a child’s emotional, developmental, and social needs.

A Gold Standard Nanny assures the “Constancy of Care” for your child. “Constancy of Care” means that your children will feel the same level of comfort, safety, and security with their nanny as they do with you. A nanny is not a parental placeholder, so it is crucial that they have the the “parent-like” skills and disposition that your children need in order to thrive.

What Makes Tammy's Nanny
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