“Dear Pamela,

I hope you are well. I am looking for a new job and it would be mean so much to me if you would serve as my reference. I know families need these references to understand my capabilities of caregiving. If you could write a short letter on my behalf, explaining the qualities you observed while I worked for you, I would be very grateful. Additionally, please let me know if I might provide your phone number to potential employers for them to reach out and speak with you about my work ethic. If you can provide me with preferable days and times, I will make sure the potential employers only call during those times. Once again, I greatly appreciate your willingness to help me out. Thank you! ”

Please  include the following in my reference:

  • The days and times I worked for you to verify my employment.
  • Specific examples of how and why I was a good nanny for your situation/family.
  • Confirmation that you are willing to speak on the phone or in person to potential employers.