Yes. We call these types of nannies “Mannies.” Often, we get requests for male nannies from single mothers who have one or more sons to raise. In those instances, these clients want the physical attention and sports capabilities at which some Mannies excel. While this isn’t the only case in which we see requests for male nannies, it is the most typical.

Sometimes, these families are looking for a male role model to help influence their children. Some families believe that a male can be more involved in physical activities with their children – things like running outside, throwing a ball, playing in the dirt, and playing video games are areas in which we sometimes see a preference for male nannies to help care for boys.

While every family will have their own preference, we strongly believe that when looking for someone to care for your child, the decision should boil down to who is the “best fit” for your children and not simply what their gender is.