Absolutely! Being a full-time nanny can be a rewarding career for people who love children. Although the job requirements for each family that a nanny works for will be a little bit different (e.g., some might need you to drive, swim, cook, have experience with twins or special needs children, be able to take care of pets, etc.), the primary requirement for just about every family is that the nanny loves children and creates a secure bond with those children in the parents’ absence.

Many of our families stipulate certain requirements that they’d like to have in their chosen nanny. When we place a “parental unit” nanny, this is the type of career nanny who is almost considered a “peer” to the parents. They possess the ability to literally raise the children in the parents’ absence. Some of the “extra skills” our clients like are typically things such as:

  1. a valid and clean US driver’s license
  2. ability to cook
  3. willingness to do light housekeeping
  4. a college degree
  5. an advanced degree or coursework in child development/psychology
  6. the ability to take care of pets
  7. the ability and desire to travel with the family on vacation
  8. CPR and first aid certifications
  9. the ability to speak a second language
  10. strong familiarity with social media and modern technology – many of our parents like to facetime with their children while they’re at work or away from the home. Having the nanny facilitate this and/or post updates on what’s going on via text message is often very much appreciated by our families

A nanny’s day will differ based on the family’s requirement but can involve tasks similar to that of parents. These include waking and dressing children, preparing meals for the children, transporting children to school/playdates/activities, cleaning up after children, doing light housekeeping, bathing children, handling diapers and toilet training, playing with children, reading to children, and performing arts and crafts with children.