It depends. Most (but not all) families require their nannies to do something called “light housekeeping.” Light housekeeping differs from traditional “housework” in that “light housekeeping” is mostly just tidying up the areas the nanny and children have used and cleaning up after the children that they’re looking after. Generally, the families that we work with also employ a housekeeper, so the “heavy cleaning” (e.g. scrubbing the toilets, washing the floors, etc.) is done by the housekeeper and not the nanny. We do have some families that like their nannies to do things like laundry (though very often only laundry for the children as opposed to for the whole family) and some nannies “go the extra mile” by straightening-up the whole house and other common areas. At the other end of the spectrum are governesses; these are caregivers whose sole job is to care for the children, and they have no household responsibilities. We generally see this within “staffed homes” – that is, homes with a significant household staff where there are ample people to perform all the functions needing attention around the house.