Phone Screen Interview Sample

“Hello my name is _____. I am interested in working for your family, but before I commit myself, I’d like to make sure it is a good fit. I would like to do at least two paid trial sessions prior to committing so that you can assess my skills and I can assess the position. I believe this is the best way to analyze if it will be a good match. Before we schedule an in-person interview, please let me confirm the following via telephone: ”

Phone Screen Questions:

  1. What are the expectations of days and hours? I’d like to know this so I can get a good idea if this is manageable for me, or if it is better suited for someone else.
  2. Is there a Salary Range you had in mind? I want to know that we are in the same ballpark before continuing. After we complete the trial sessions we can of course further discuss an exact salary. Still, I’d like to get a sense of your non-negotiable salary requirements.
  3. Are there any other Job Basics we can confirm to ensure we are a match? For example, will I need the following skills: driving, swimming, gourmet cooking, extensive traveling?”

When you confirm that the JOB matches your NEEDS, you can explain your personal information basics

Personal Basics Sample: My name is Marian Smith. I am originally from Brazil, where I lived until I was 24. I graduated from college there and worked in a school before I moved to the US. When I came here I started as a full time nanny. I have three children 9, 11 and 16. Although I have children, I am still able to be a devoted, full time nanny because my mother lives with me and she cares for my children while I am at work. My NYC nannying experience consists of me having worked for 2 long-term families.

If the screening call goes well,  schedule an interview OR ask them to go right into a mini paid trial with the children. Make sure to confirm the DATE, TIME and LOCATION of where you are meeting and ask for a CONTACT PHONE NUMBER