All jobs provide training to new employees. Being a nanny is no different, and it is very important that nannies receive proper training on exactly how they should care for the children and the home!

Below are examples of topics that you and your employer MUST speak about in order to be successful. Getting off on the right foot means you and your family have discussed the basics of the home and the children so you know what TO do and what NOT TO DO. Only then will you have all of the tools to succeed.

You can create a handbook by using a notebook and pen, and writing down the below information, typing it out, or showing this to your new employers and asking them to type and fill in the below subjects and details for you.

Items such as Medical MUST be in writing. Other items (such as “When should I go to my room? How far away can we go on the subway?”) can be discussed in person as well. HOWEVER, if parents are both working long hours away from the home and you are alone with the children, a lot of this information must be given to you before the job begins.

Proper Job Training Consists Of Knowing The Following

  • Parents & Emergency Contact Details
  • Home Details
  • Child Medical Details
  • Child Schedule Details
  • Child Behavior Details