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Teen Parenting Guidance in NYC: Why Is Raising Teenagers So Difficult?

You love your child more than you can describe. You have a wonderful time playing at the park, making cookies together, or having long chats about everything. Then one day, your child becomes a teen who hides in his room, dyes his hair blue, and argues about everything. What happened? How did your teenager change so much, seemingly overnight?

Well whether you noticed or not, teens give out plenty of warning signs that things are changing or they are unhappy. Teens don’t act out without prompting, and often are simply trying to get your attention in any way they know how. It’s up to you to look for the subtle warning signs and their special teen “language.” Tammy can help you get to the bottom of all of these dilemmas.

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Teen Parenting Guidance in NYC: Can Teen Parenting Guidance Help Both Parents And Children?

Sometimes a teenager feels more comfortable talking to a stranger than a parent. Sometimes parents feel more comfortable admitting things to a counselor than to each other. A counselor like Tammy can provide a safe environment for both parents and teens to talk openly and resolve issues. Professionals can offer advice to help you improve communication, find solutions, and set boundaries. They will also assist you in making your home the warm and loving haven you want it to be.

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Tammy Gold is the mother of three of her own children, a best-selling author, and an expert in her field. Her experience and capabilities can benefit you and your family greatly. She has appeared on numerous television shows including The Today Show, Fox News, CBS, and Good Morning America. Both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have profiled her.