Personality Fit for Live-In Nannies

This is the third post in a multi-part blog series entitled: Nanny Agency NYC Tells-All: How to Find a Nanny.

I provide a lot of hand-holding to my nanny agency clients and I often find that I end up mixing in a lot of therapy as I walk them through their options as they choose the right nanny for their family.  Today, I review the importance of “personality fit” when choosing a live-in nanny.

Personality Fit: The Key To A Live-In Nanny Situation

Whether they’re going to be living in for a year or a month, a Live-In nanny has to, by nature, be extremely adaptable and flexible.  When you’re a Live-In and you’re living in someone’s home, you don’t have much freedom, and you can get antsy because you’re stuck in your job for five straight days. Imagine working in a bank, sleeping there, waking there and being there for 5 straight days. A more mellow, accepting nanny will be fine with this, but a nanny with a stronger personality, who is used to working 9-5 and having plenty of autonomy and running the show while the parents aren’t around, will have a hard time doing Live-In. I’m always wary when I interview a nanny who says, “I can do Live-In, I’ve done Live-Out for 20 years,” because more often than not, nannies who try to make the switch ends up feeling suffocated and quitting because it’s not a match for their personality. Sadly, I have seen the Live Out become Live In scenario fail countless times as the change for certain personalities is too great.

I also tell my clients that when you hire a Live-In nanny, you want to look for someone who will best adapt to your home, if your home is calm than this would match with someone who is sweet, relatively quiet, and easygoing, If you hire a very loud, boisterous, take-charge, Live-In nanny, she may drive you crazy, and you may end up feeling trapped in your own home. On the flip side if you have a loud, energetic, talkative home a quiet, shy reclusive personality may not fit on a personal level no matter how good they are professionally.


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