We are Nanny Safety Specialists

Safety is the cornerstone of our business and we pride ourselves on doing the most thorough background and reference checks in the business. When you hire a stranger to come into your home and care for your children while you’re away, ensuring that this person is who they say they are and that they have real, verifiable references is of utmost importance. Why leave this to anyone but the specialists in the business?


Identification Document Verifications

We use a service that digitally authenticates our applicants passports and drivers licenses to ensure that they are real and registered in the name of the applicant. Wouldn’t it be horrible to take your nanny on vacation only to be stopped at the border to find out her passport is fake? Imagine how awful it would be if your nanny was driving your children with a fake drivers license and she got into an accident. Why leave these very important safety issues to chance? Trust the specialists in the business.


Background Checks

We take background checks very seriously and use GoodHire (www.goodhire.com) as our preferred vendor.

Every nanny that comes into your home for a trial passes our “Level 1 Background Check.” This consists of:

  • Social security # trace and address history
  • National criminal records check, and
  • Sex offender list check.

When you’re ready to make an offer to one of our candidates, we conduct our “Level 2 Background Check.” This consists of:

  • 7-year county and statewide criminal search
  • Domestic terrorist watch list check
  • 10-panel drug test, and
  • If relevant, a motor vehicle check

Reference Checks

We conduct all of our nanny agency reference checks live, via telephone. All calls are recorded and transcribed so that you can hear directly from other parents that have employed this candidate what they thought of her emotional affect, how they viewed her energy level, her punctuality, how she handled constructive criticism, and many other important aspects. We provide you with these transcriptions.

In addition to asking numerous qualitative questions about the candidate’s social and emotional health, we verify:

  • The nanny’s employment dates, duties and responsibilities
  • The names and ages of the children as provided to us by the candidate
  • The reason the job ended

Our nanny reference checks go one step further. Since we’ve encountered numerous situations where nannies have tried to provide fake references (when and if they do this, they’re immediately disqualified from any further interaction with our agency), we verify the authenticity of the references by:

  • Performing a caller ID match
  • Performing a social media review
  • Ensuring there are no criminal histories for the reference

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