Tammy Gold Reviews & Testimonials

“My boss is a high-profile actor who wanted a particular kind of “celebrity nanny.” After talking with Tammy, we realized that our actually needs were totally different from what we’d originally envisioned. We loved her team’s discreet and confidential approach and that Tammy understood the pressure on my boss. Tammy and her team went above and beyond to get us what we needed, even though our needs changed half-way through the search. Not matter how picky or how long it took, they refused to give up until we were happy. 4 months and 27 candidates later, we got our perfect match. Thank you!”

avatar — Rebekka New York, NY

“Using Tammy's firm was the single best monetary decision we have made in our life. The risk of getting our nanny search wrong was too high. My husband and I both work and have extremely demanding schedules – we just couldn’t afford to have turnover because of the wrong decision. Tammy and her team really came though! ”

avatar — Monica Greenwich CT

“Working with Tammy has been a two-for-one deal! We learned so much about parenting and how children learn – not to mention she found us an amazing nanny who we’ve now had for two years. It was the best nanny agency experience I have ever had – it’s almost hard to describe how different Tammy’s firm is from the other agencies we’ve tried.”

avatar — Charlotte Old Brookville, NY

“Within the first five minutes of signing up with Tammy, we knew this was NOT a normal nanny agency, Tammy is like a nanny scientist! She literally analyzed every aspect of our family and our interpersonal dynamics by asking the most detailed questions and she used it and her unique approach to find us the perfect nanny. 3 years later we love Sandy and everything is going great.”

avatar — Brooks New York, NY

“After replacing our old nanny with one that Tammy found for us, the difference in our family’s life is literally night and day, I went from coming home after a 12-hour workday and cleaning up a mess punctuated by tension-filled conversations with my old nanny, to a home that’s neat as a pin, happy and well-adjusted kids, and my new nanny being so amazing and so empathic to my being a working mom that she actually hands me my coffee as I walk out the door on my way to work. It’s been a year and half and things are still perfect.”

avatar — Robin New York, NY

“I get to say I was one of the lucky ones who worked with Tammy in 2007 as she was just starting out. She saw the terror in my eyes as new mom going back to work and she worked tirelessly to find the perfect nanny she knew would love my daughter like I would while I was gone. Our nanny stayed for 8 years that’s unheard of in this business!" ”

avatar — Arianna Tenafly, NJ

“I still have the nanny I found with Tammy in 2009. I was a stay at home mom who wanted total control of the house, but really needed an extra set of hands that could follow my lead. She found me the perfect match - moreso for me than even for my children - since the nanny and I interact so closely all week, 2009 to 2017 and we are still going strong.”

avatar — Gretchen New York, NY

“I chose to work with Tammy after reading her book and found that what she and her team do is so far-and-above the efforts of a traditional staffing firm. I loved Tammy's deep understanding of finding a nanny who could meet the cognitive and emotional needs of my developing children (Tammy actually taught me about pediatric brain growth, which I did not expect to learn when embarking on my nanny search!). I knew that using her would profoundly benefit my children and I’m so glad that I did.”

avatar — Brenda Brooklyn, NY

“Tammy played a hand in saving my kids countless amounts of stress during our divorce. We met with her and discussed all about our needs and what kind of nanny would be ideal to really help shield our kids from the stressors that this transition would bring. The nanny Tammy found for us was a Godsend – she really kept things smooth between our two houses and varying schedules.”

avatar — Sharon New York NY

“Tammy and her team are an amazing breath of fresh air! She took the time to educate us on the process of how to find a nanny and really helped narrow down what we needed. What an amazing resource she is - we are so thrilled to have been able to work with her!”

avatar — Barbara New York, NY

“We went through three nanny agencies in NYC before we found Tammy and thank goodness found her! In a couple of days she was showing us video interviews of potential nannies (boy was that convenient) and her team arranged in-person meetings and trials. for us. Thank you, Thank You Tammy!”

avatar — Erin Scarsdale, NY

“I can’t say enough good things about Tammy and her team! They were so helpful that we’ve actually used them twice to help us find a nanny! They really took the time to understand our unique needs and perfectly matched our nannies to our family in every way!”

avatar — Samantha New York, NY

“Referrals make the world go round! ;) I wouldn't recommend Tammy if her process wasn't SO much smarter all around.”

avatar — Jodi New York, NY