The Nanny Agency NYC Residents Love Helps Write The Job Description

One of the first things I do with my nanny agency and consulting clients after we complete their family needs assessment is to create the nanny job description.  While there are several components to a proper nanny job description, this post covers the physical aspects of the nanny job description.

The physical job description is an overview of the basic parameters of the job: logistical details and criteria that will most likely remain the same no matter who or what type of nanny you hire. If you haven’t already done so, this is the time to figure out the days and hours of your job, whether you want Live-In or Live-Out, whether you will need your nanny to drive, and other practical considerations. Many of these decisions, however, are not always as straightforward as they seem; there are usually a number of X-factors connected to your unique situation that you don’t want to overlook. Even if you think you already know the answers to these questions, I encourage you to read my tips for thinking about each question below to make sure that you are approaching each decision with as much awareness and insight as possible.

Here are the 20 questions to ask yourself when completing the physical portion of your nanny job description:

  1. What are the workdays for this position and are they the same each week?
  2. What are the starting and ending hours for each day?  Will this fluctuate?
  3. Preferred start date?
  4. Where do you need your nanny to live (i.e. how far away is ok given traffic, weather, etc.)?
  5. If this is a Live-Out position?
  6. If this is a Live-In position?
  7. Do you need your nanny to be able to drive regularly?
  8. Will you provide your nanny access to your family car or must she have her own?
  9. What salary are you looking to pay?
  10. What is your stretch number?
  11. What is your overtime rate? You can contact your state labor laws to help you better understand how to pay the nanny and overtime.
  12. What holidays will you provide off?
  13. What is your vacation policy?
  14. What is your sick day/personal day policy?
  15. Does your nanny need to know how to swim?
  16. Would you like your nanny to speak a second language?
  17. Will your nanny need to be able to travel WITHIN the U.S.?
  18. Will your nanny need to be able to travel OUTSIDE the U.S.?
  19. Do you have any pets that require the nanny to take care of?  Does she have any allergies and is she ok with this kind of responsibility?
  20. Are there any other benefits or perks you will provide? This is the time to think about any special perks and non-monetary enhancements that you can offer your nanny based on your family’s unique work and home situation. These special add-ons can come in extremely handy when you are negotiating, especially if the nanny is choosing between you and another family.

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