Here are three tips that I recently discussed on TV about how teens can benefit from using Invisalign clear aligners.

Tip #1: Help Teens Think of One Summer Goal

Sometimes teens have a tendency to focus on what didn’t go well in their past school year, so it is helpful if you instead flip the messaging toward the positive, for example “what do you want to improve for next year?”

There are countless camps, activity centers, online programs and in-person programs that can not only help teens connect to other teens, but also help them excel in a certain areas. Whether its sports, coding, medicine, art or cooking, help your teen find something they love and want to improve upon for the next school year.

For example, if your teen is feeling nervous about math next year he can use the summer to work on math problems or math exercises from great online resources. If your teen wants to get better in soccer, she can join a summer camp focused on the sport or a soccer club to improve her skills.

Repetition leads to mastery so find one topic and have some easy tangible goals that you can help your teen achieve.

Tip #2 – Check Needed Appointments Off the List

This is the time to set up all of the needed appointments for your teen including a haircut, eye exam, annual physical and immunizations. Summer is also an ideal time to deal with your teen’s teeth straightening treatment, since it gives them time to adjust to the changes before schools starts.

My daughter just started Invisalign treatment, which I highly recommend to moms who are in the process of determining what teeth straightening treatment would be best for their teen. I love that Invisalign treatment is the original and most technically advanced clear aligner system…it can fix simple to complex teen cases and it’s proven to work with more than 1 million teen cases.

What’s more is that it’s virtually invisible and removable and teens don’t have to worry about mouth injuries from brackets and wires. My daughter can enjoy her activities, eat her favorite foods like pizza or popcorn, and most importantly…smile and look like herself throughout treatment.

Tip #3 – Make Quality Time Count During Summer Break

Countless studies highlight the benefits of spending quality time with children. Use summer break as a reminder of the importance of this family time. Life tends to be a bit calmer for teens in the summer so whether parents are working or at home, make a summer tradition where you can connect and really spend some time. Summer is time to build your teen up with as much love, attention and affection as you can before they begin the hustle and bustle of the school year. Make a family tradition of going out for summer desserts, going to the beach, family movie nights where all cellphones are shut off. I read a great article which stated we only have 18 summers with our children, use this special time where they are home and less distracted to help really bond with teens and make them feel loved.