This is the fourth post in a multi-part blog series called: What is the Average Nanny Salary in NYC – the Nanny Agency NYC Families have Trusted since 2007 Provides the 2017 Survey Results.

While the results contained in this survey are primarily applicable to families living in the NYC borough of Brooklyn, this data represents the best third-party evidence of nanny pay in the tri-state area that we have seen.  At the same time, a grain of salt should be used, since our own research from servicing NYC families since 2007 suggests that NYC nanny salaries in Manhattan start at closer to $20 for highly-qualified career nannies.Some of the factors that we see (and which are highlighted in the survey) that cause our nannies to command higher-than-average salaries are things like: the ability to speak a second language, 5+ years of experience, experience caring for multiple children at once, infant experience/certifications, college educations and/or specialized training, and experience with twins, multiples, and special needs.

In this post, I briefly review the survey results related to NYC Nanny SalaryBenefits and Vacation.  According to the survey:

  • 14 days is the average agreed upon number of days off. Consistent with the survey, our clients typically offer their nannies two weeks of paid vacation – one of the family’s choosing and one of the nanny’s choosing.
  • In addition to paid vacation, our clients often provide the nannies with paid time off during the national holidays.
  • According to the survey, 73% of respondents pay their nanny’s salary/regular hours if they are away. Only 12% do not pay their nanny while they are on vacation.  In our experience, paying the nanny while you are away on vacation is considered a “best practice.”

Are you looking for a nanny contract to help you spell out all these details with your caregiver?  Here is a  link to ours.  Also, here is a link to one of our prior posts where we talk about nanny job descriptions.

SoWhat is the Average Nanny Salary NYC Families Pay their Nannies?

According to this survey, the average NYC Nanny Salary in 2017 is $17.63.Here is a link to the survey

As an aside, here is some information on Workers Compensation and Disability Insurance that might be of interest as you consider all the details related to hiring of your next nanny.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a payroll agency to handle your nanny taxes, we have a partnership with HomeWork Solutions (